What is a Vegetable Spiralizer: a Guide to the Unfamiliar


Maintaining good health is one of the most important things you can do, so it makes sense to do whatever it takes to keep your body healthy.

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to improve your diet. Don’t give in to the misconception that it’s hard to do; it just takes a smart kitchen.

Even if you’re an inexperienced cook, you don’t have to cook overly complicated recipes, just delicious ones. There are many tools to help you use more ingredients and incorporate them into your cooking process in a more natural way than usual.

Dishes cooked with a spiral of vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are among the healthiest ingredients you can use in your meals. Eating without vegetables is probably an unbalanced and unhealthy diet. If you are trying to find ways to introduce these ingredients into your daily kitchen, you have several options.

One of these options is a plant spiral former. If you don’t know what a vegetable centrifuge is, the following section should help you explain it.

In this article you will learn…

What is a vegetable cylindrical cylinder? spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral

A spiral vegetable applicator, also known as a spiral disc or spiral vegetable paste applicator, is a kitchen tool used to cut fruits and vegetables into spiral slices. These slices can be used for aesthetic reasons (e.g. in fruit salads) or to facilitate the integration of vegetables into the dish (e.g. in zucchini pastes).

TypesVegetable Spinner

There are many different kinds of vegetable alcohols you can buy, so we’ll look at some of them in the next section. This prevents confusion as the article progresses and gives you better information about the types of spirals and how they work.

Manual vegetable spiral or manual

These plant catalyst models are generally the most common, but they also apply practices related to the technology. They are not that difficult to use, but they are more careful than many other types of spiral cutters because you can cut your hand if you are not careful.

Portable or handheld vegetable centrifuges

The technique normally used in manual plant spiral machines is quite simple, in some cases simpler than other types of spiral formers. Hold the spiral in one hand and push the vegetable or fruit into the spiral with the other hand at the same time and turn it over.

These scrollers are also very reliable because they have no moving parts. Some models have a removable or loose part with teeth on one side and a handle on the other. This allows you to cut vegetables into spirals if they are too small to hold firmly with your fingers.

Manual spirals are the best choice if you are not afraid to invest a little more in spiral cutting. Keep in mind that they may not be the best choice if you want to cut large quantities of fruit and vegetables into a spiral, as your fingers and hands will get tired over time.

Horizontal plant spiral

Horizontal spiral knives are usually located in the middle of the packaging in terms of quality and price. You will notice that they are also more widespread than very similar vertical models. Horizontal spirals generally use a system of gears and handles to cut your fruit and vegetables.

Horizontal plant spirals

They are arranged in such a way that the leaf is on one side of the spiral and a handle behind the vegetable holder (the jagged part where you push your piece of food). This handle is used to turn the vegetable and, in some cases, push it along the caterpillar so that it falls further into the leaf.

Other models have a separate handle that allows the vegetables to be moved sideways for more precise speed control. Unfortunately, such models usually require more experience, because you can ruin the ribbon sequence if you don’t keep the rotation speed of both handles constant.

Another advantage of horizontal coilformers is that they are generally cheaper than their electronic counterparts. They also require much less work than manual models. One of the disadvantages of horizontal scroll units is that they usually need a base to suck, because they are exposed to lateral forces that act on them during their work.

Vertical plant spiral

Vertical coilformers also tend to be in the same average range as horizontal models in terms of quality and price. They work in the same way, although they normally only have one handle, because gravity does the work that the side handle does in a horizontal plant spiral.

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Vertical plant spiral

Most vertical plant spirals usually have a reservoir under the leaves or a bowl-shaped space. This ensures that your spirals do not fall on the table top when using your spiral cutter. This solves the problem of horizontal spirals that are somewhat imprecise in terms of where the pieces end up after cutting.

Vertical screw knives are generally easier to handle than their horizontal counterparts, as it is less common to use multiple handles at the same time. They need a little more work than electric models, which do most of the work automatically.

Fortunately, their price is much lower than that of electric models, because they don’t have to turn on the engine and other electrical components, which increases the price considerably. Their price is comparable to that of the horizontal models, because they are built almost identically.

Spiral of a power plant

The highest models of plant catalysts are generally electric. They can be manufactured in different styles depending on the source of electricity. The most common version has a built-in electric motor that powers the coil without any user intervention except for speed control or startup.

Electrical installation coils

Options with electric motors switched on, with plugs or with on-board batteries that can be charged from the base or via cable. Models with an independent power supply are generally slightly more agile than other types of plant spiral formers, making them ideal for people who like mobility.

The electric coilformers can also be used in combination with other equipment as accessories. Because spiral formers are a niche product, many manufacturers do not see the need to produce a completely separate unit and instead make a nozzle for the spiral formers for their food processing equipment.

These types of electric coilformers are normally driven by the machine to which they are connected. Although they need a compatible kitchen glove to work, they don’t need an extra food processor because they help you clean up the mess in your kitchen.

Electric reels are usually easiest to use because you don’t have to cut vegetables by hand. Of course the price compensates for this, because these are the most expensive spiral cutters you will find in stock.

Features and specifications of the Spiralizer

Here are some of the excellent features and specifications of the spiral formers.


The material of which your spiral formers are made is certainly an important element. As with any other type of product used in your food, this ensures that no material can harm you by leaching chemicals or other products.

Kitchen aid KSM1APC Spiral machine with peeler

For example, if you buy a reel with a design that uses plastic, make sure that the plastic does not contain BPA. BFA is a substance that can cause cancer and other diseases when ingested. The reason there was a plastic water bottle scandal about ten years ago…

However, the materials used in your coil ensure that you remain in good condition, although this is the most important point. For example, if your turntable is made of inferior materials, it probably won’t serve you as long as a model is made of the right materials.

Durable and reliable materials that can be used in the manufacture of your spiral can be hard plastics, stainless steel and many other materials.

Most serious manufacturers would never have made a model of a coil using hazardous materials. Unfortunately, some of them can make a product that can easily fail as a means of reducing material costs.

In addition to reliability and health, you also want to invest in a rust and corrosion resistant coil model. Due to the high water content of fruit and vegetables, spirals are particularly susceptible to corrosion damage. Therefore, many spiral knives are made of stainless steel, which is more resistant to rust than other types of metal.

Sheet quality

Since most of the work in the reel is done with a knife, it is important that you have purchased a knife of excellent quality. A high-quality blade not only ensures an easy and even cut, but also much longer growth in cloudy conditions.

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Kitchen help KSM1APC

A high quality blade is generally sharper than a lower quality blade, making the spiralling process of your vegetable much easier. Lower quality knives tend to stick and other forms of stop. It slows your spiral, but it also makes your records more controversial.

Many scrollers are equipped with blades that cannot be sharpened. This means that their performance will gradually deteriorate over time until you buy a replacement knife (if available) or a brand new spool. As you can see, this aspect affects both the durability of the wrapper and the quality of the cut.

As always, there is also a health problem. If the spiral blade is made of inferior metal, you are exposed to various risks. For example, your food may be contaminated with rust, or even a piece of the knife may break off and end up in your food.

The quality of the knives is a very important aspect of a plant spiral for many reasons, some of which are not obvious at first sight. When it comes to appliances and tools used in your kitchen for cooking and especially for cutting, you don’t want to compromise on quality and safety.

Number of sheets

This is a feature of the scroll compressor that depends more than anything else on the customer. The number of knives you choose strongly depends on the intended use of the Spiralizer. If you hope to use the Spiralizer more often than most other customers, you may need replacement knives.

Spiral blades.

Do not forget that the replacement knives in this case are simply copies of the standard knives that can be used with your Vegetable Spreader. We will discuss the different types of magazines in our next section. Many knives of the same type generally produce a much more reliable and durable spiral shaper.

In general, it is a good idea to install a pair of knives with an electric vegetable chopper because it works much faster than any other type of chopper. This faster working method can lead to greater efficiency when working in a helix, but also makes it possible to dull the blade much faster.

In addition to dull knives, which makes the scraper less effective, additional knives also help in case of knife breakage or loss, because your scraper will not work without it.

Note that some types of scrollers do not have interchangeable blades, but this is usually limited to manual scrollers. The production and sale of replacement blades for scrollers, which should be available and cheap, are simply not profitable for the companies manufacturing these products.


Versatility is just as important for a product as specialised as a vegetable spiral machine. Although the Vegetable Spreader can only be used a few times a month, if you have sufficient versatility, you can use it for various other cooking tasks.

Perfect potato and apple peel.

Universality can be the result of many functions, but it’s mainly because different types of blades are included or are compatible with your plant spiral. Different types of blades can have more impact on your screw than just adjusting the thickness of the cut screw.

For example, you can opt for an attachment that makes it easier to clean fruit and vegetables because no separate cleaner is required. The best thing about the Universal Spiralizer is that it makes many other tools and instruments in the kitchen superfluous.

As many chefs know, there are few things worse than an overcrowded kitchen, so it is important to make it as clean and accessible as possible.

In addition to the cleaning equipment, you also have the option of equipping yourself with accessories with which you can cut fruit and vegetables. In combination with an electric vegetable spiral you have a great opportunity to cut a lot of fruit and vegetables in a short time.

Operation manual for vegetable spiral machine

There are many ways to use a plant spiral because of the wide variety of species. That’s why we’ll see how we can use them all. As described above, the manual model is used by simultaneously pressing a peeled fruit or vegetable and turning it in a cutting knife.

Bowls for the vegetable noodles.

Horizontal and vertical elevators are used in a similar way. You place fruit or vegetables in the holder on one side and turn one or two handles so that the food is turned and pushed into the spiral at the same time.

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After all, electric coils are quite simple. First you have to light it, then you put a fruit or vegetable in it. Remember that vegetables should always be cleaned first, unless you also eat the peel.


If you are looking for a spiral unit, you will find many options, but don’t forget the quality. Here are our recommendations for manufacturers you can trust.


OXO is a manufacturer of both kitchen accessories and office supplies, which can seem a rather strange combination. They are based in New York and were founded in 1990. Don’t be fooled by their relative lack of experience, they are a sufficiently efficient scrollers manufacturer.

Okho Good catch

OXO’s Good Grips department is responsible for the production of most kitchen appliances, including the spiral formers. They are known for their great versatility with many possible knives that can be secured. Their vegetable spirals are generally horizontal in nature.

Kitchen help

Among the manufacturers represented in this list, you will find KitchenAid as one of the best known examples. Because of its well-known predilection for quality products, KitchenAid has a very good reputation for its free-standing taps, an appliance without which most kitchens would not be complete.

Vegetable spirals are one of the many sprinklers that can be used for your table mixers.

As their spiral taps are accessories for the taps on the stand, you’ll find KitchenAid offers some of the most unique functional options. Although it is necessary to run one of the mixers on your stand, it is not necessary to purchase a completely separate spiral mixer.

Spiral shaper

As you can see from the name of this company, it is specialized in the production of spirals. It is an American company that has dedicated most of its product line to the production of a good range of scrollers.

Spiral disc Spiral disc

One of the most popular products, for example, is the five- and four-blade scroll. The degree of versatility of your stove is determined by the number of different fins that go with it. It is therefore clear that you have a good choice of heating fins, which are all very versatile.

World cuisine Paderno

Paderno World Cuisine is an Italian manufacturer of crockery and other kitchen utensils. Since they have been in existence since 1925, you will notice that they have a great deal of experience in manufacturing high-quality products, which is certainly reflected in their vegetable spiral formers.

Paderno also owns an American subsidiary of their company, known as Paderno USA, which produces products for the American market. This enables Paderno to reduce its operating costs, such as import duties, etc. You get the quality of real Italian kitchenware without cost or hassle.

Safety features

It is important to invest in a model with a large number of safety features. Because it is a cutting tool, the spiral can certainly damage you. The protectors are usually installed around the blade to prevent accidental pruning on the cutting edge. Some electric coils have an automatic stop function.

Maintenance and cleaning

As with all kitchen utensils, it is important to take care of the spiral. Improper maintenance can lead to deterioration of the tool and even to health risks. If your lacquer is stainless steel, you should clean it in the same way as any other stainless steel kitchen appliance.


If you didn’t know what a spiral-former is when you started reading this article, you should know it now. We hope this article has been comprehensive and informative in explaining the usefulness of spiral formers.

Vegetables in the shape of a spiral in a pâté.

Although they resemble a niche product, spiralisers are a good choice for any chef who wants to improve the way he serves his fruit and vegetables.



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