Spiralizer 5—Blade Vegetable Slicer Review


If you are a vegetarian, vegan or gourmet, you should consider investing in a spiral that works well. To convince you even more, here are the reasons why buying such a kitchen appliance will bring you long-term benefits.

The Spiralizer is a hassle-free kitchen appliance with which you can prepare dishes from spiral and filament-shaped pastas and noodles that the appliance produces from raw products.

Although the whole process may seem a bit normal, you will be surprised how easily the Spiraler can refresh your food and turn ordinary vegetables into delicious, tasty shapes that can easily absorb all kinds of sauces and ingredients.

We familiarize ourselves with the Spiralizer 5-Petal vegetable cutting attachment and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.



  • The model of the 3. The generation is 35% stronger than the older models.
  • Made of ABS plastic with no BPA content
  • The knives are made of stainless steel with a high carbon content 420.
  • Suitable for hard root vegetables such as beets and potatoes.
  • weighing 2.1 pounds
  • The dimensions are about 7 inches wide, 10 inches high and 12 inches long.
  • Comes with an electronic cookbook, filled with healthy recipes
  • has a policy of easy replacement throughout the manufacturer’s lifetime.

Advantages of the five-point plant cursorSpiralizer

According to her satisfied customers, the Spiralizer is a high quality model and at the same time affordable for many.

Examination of the 5-leaf vegetable disc of the Spiralizer

To ensure durability, customers benefit from a simple manufacturer’s replacement policy at the time of purchase, which means that the company has complete confidence in its products. It is able to grind fresh products, from vegetables to fruit, slice them and produce crisps.

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The device has a large number of long spikes on the product holder to firmly grip a piece of fruit or vegetable. It is also very suitable for products up to 7 inches wide and up to 10 inches long for slicing or dicing.

The device has a convenient, self-contained memory for knives, which is good news for people who always lose things in the kitchen. The blades are a total of three and are made of the same carbon-rich Japanese stainless steel.

For safer spiral processes, the device is made of 100% petrol-free, durable and food-safe ABS plastic. It doesn’t need electricity to run, so you can take it anywhere, from the campsite to cooking at a friend’s house.

The appliance offers easy operation and a click for cleaning and maintenance. You can also wash and pack the product in the dishwasher.

If you run out of spiral recipe ideas for fruit and vegetables, you can always rely on the electronic cookbook included in the pack. Now you can create attractive salads for your own use, for parties or meetings with family and friends.

With this device you can start following a healthy diet. From vegetarian pasta to noodles, fries and side dishes, it offers you a multitude of creative, nutritious foods.

Customers who were enthusiastic about this product agreed that it was well thought out and easy to use. Ideal for thick vegetables such as zucchini, summer squash and strong small vegetables such as carrots.

According to another customer, although the device is somewhat complex, it is easy to clean and seems to be one of the company’s main priorities in the development of the device.

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Another customer appreciates the fact that the lip of the machine, from which the strands and spirals come, is designed to hang over a cutting board, plate or small bowl to catch the spiral products. This means that you not only clean up the residue on the spiral, but also that you do not have to deal with additional disturbances in your environment.

Another positive aspect of the model is that it can easily be adapted to customer requirements. It comes with a user manual that is quick and easy to understand.

Interesting facts

Many people loved the machine, but some customers had to deal with several failures of their spiral machine. The man was unhappy with the way his suction legs worked – they didn’t hold on tightly and slipped a little while working the machine. But this can be solved by adding a little water to the cups.

Bottom row

The Spiralizer 5-Petal vegetable slicer is a device that allows you to work in seconds. Although you may have had some problems with the suction feet, you can solve them by adding a little water to the suction feet to make them adhere better to the work surface. It’s a good deal if you’re looking for a vegetable slicer or a spiral cutter.



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