Spiralfix Spiral Cutter Review by GEFU


You have no excuse not to twist the spiral if you have a Spiralfix burner. It’s compact, sharp and portable, so you can turn it anywhere, not just in your own kitchen.

With the GEFU Spiral Cutter you can immediately start spiral cutting to turn your food into a healthy meal.



  • Sharpened knives with 4 different cutting widths for different pastas or noodles.
  • Thanks to the integrated setting wheel, there is no need to change the blade.
  • The hinged lid keeps the fruit or vegetable in place for an easy spiral.
  • Connecting rod mounted on the top of the hinged cover.
  • Removable anti-slip container for your spicy vegetables
  • Dishwasher safe


Just looking at a GEFU Spiralfix burner will surprise you. It is very smooth and attractive due to the combination of black.

Of course we don’t judge a product only on its appearance. When you open the lid of the GEFU Spiralizer, you will notice that the knives are very sharp. You’ll probably also wonder how many types of pasta it can make, since it doesn’t have any extra knives.

The good news is that there is no knife change, which means extra safety. It has a dial on the side that can be rotated to the desired shape.

Overview of GEFU spiral routers

The operation of the GEFU Spiralfix spiral cutting machine is very simple. Just open the lid, place the peeled fruit or vegetables on one side and squeeze the lid to keep the food in place. Then you start twisting the handle to get spiral-shaped fruits or vegetables to eat.

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It has a removable, non-slip container for the food spiral, but you can refuse its installation if you want to place the food spiral directly on a tray or bowl.

GEFU’s Spiralfix spiral cutting machine has a vertical alignment that facilitates spiral cutting. With a container it can become a spiral worktop. Without him, he could be a portable model. You can choose any orientation based on your method of use or comfort level.

And last but not least, the GEFU dishwasher is dishwasher safe. However, you will need a brush to remove small pieces from the knives, because the dishwasher will not be able to remove them all, especially if there is anything left.


Chances are you’re ashamed of the price, because it’s not exactly a table model, but it has a similar price. Some people will not be able to agree on a price, especially if there are other equally effective models on the market.

Some complained that the instructions were not as practical and clear as one would have liked. It doesn’t come with training videos. If you view one of them online, you may find training videos from other brands that have the same design.

Some people think that the design of the GEFU Spiralfix syringe cutter isn’t very user-friendly. Carrying the scroll by hand and scrolling through the air without a container is quite difficult and uncomfortable for some people. Others complained that the handles were too long, making it much more difficult to turn them fully.


The GEFU Spiralfix spiral cutter is probably too expensive for what it offers. It is very nice and works just as well, but if you want a more comfortable model, you can opt for a table spiral. This spiral shaper has a rating of 4 out of 5.

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Final equation

If you liked the design of the GEFU Spiralfix spiral cutting machine, there are other products on the market that look like this, are affordable and won’t make you lose your wallet.

A GEFU spiral shot is a good alternative if the GEFU would be too expensive for you. Thanks to the interchangeable knives, he can offer you three different types of pasta. It’s easy to use. You load the ingredients into the spiral shaper and remove them.

It also has a vertical orientation, so scrolling is much easier. It has a non-slip base and a removable container that can absorb any itching. A disadvantage is that you have to replace the blade, which can be dangerous for safety if you are not very careful.

Another excellent alternative is the Cuisinart Food Spiralizer. Don’t be fooled by the negative criticism on the Internet. It is very accessible and works quite well. It is said to cause three types of itching, a kind of julienne and a wide band, but it is difficult to adjust the thickness of the julienne.

It is equipped with an adjustable handle on the side to control the blade, so you get different itching as a result. It’s a plus for safety. There are no open slats either, it has a vertical orientation and is quite easy to use; even your children will love it.




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