Review of the SLC Swift Rotary Drum Grater


If you want freshly grated cheese or want to turn your fruit and vegetables into French fries, you can use a classic canned grater, but who wants to risk losing a few layers of skin if you’re not careful? Instead, you may need an SLC Swift rotating drum grille.

In this review we will talk a bit more about the characteristics of the SLC Swift turnstile and what people who have purchased turnstiles have said about their experience with the grid as a whole.

We will then give you our recommendations on what you want for your loved ones – or for yourself!

About product

The SLC Swift Rotary Drum Grater is a spiral vegetable slicer with three different blade variations: Strip blade, thin spiral blade and thick spiral blade. With this rotary cutter you can make ribbons, pasta strands, chips and much more from fruit and vegetables.

Some of the excellent features of the SLC Swift rotary drum grater are the following:

The knives of this kitchen appliance are made of food-safe stainless steel. They are dishwasher safe and can be quickly and easily separated for and easily cleaned for. The suction foot is equipped with a locking mechanism that ensures a good grip of the instrument on the measuring device and excellent stability when working on flat and dry surfaces.

The easy to turn handle makes the preparation of the ingredients quick and easy.

This kitchen appliance is available in three colours: blue, green and red. You can leave it on the counter as a funny accent, but you can also put it in the closet without worrying about it taking up too much space. This drum grater can be used to grate cheese, chocolate and nuts. You can also use it to make pieces of flat vegetables or decorative ribbons.

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What people should have said.

If you look at what people say about the SLC Swift rotary drum grid, many customers were very satisfied with the grid. The customers’ biggest impression was the speed and ease with which they could install and commission the device.

They felt that the suction cup foot was held firmly in place and they were not afraid that it would slip when using the handle. In terms of cleaning, customers appreciated the fact that it is easy to disassemble and clean.

Buyers said they were able to produce regularly sliced courgettes, but also to grind fresh Parmesan cheese quickly and easily. They prefer this grid to a traditional box grid because they don’t risk cutting it. People also thought it was an exceptional bargain for what it is, especially since you get three different rotating blades that stay very sharp.

Although many customers were very satisfied with their purchase, some people were disappointed with the device. Some people have noticed that while using the aircraft, the handle falls in the middle of a bend. Others said the handle was difficult to use because it was too small.

Several people also noted that the measures were removed and that the metal sheet was cut out of a transparent plastic sleeve so that the scraped plastic would end up in their food. Others said that when she washed the grating by hand, a piece of transparent plastic grating broke for no reason.

Some people complained that the suction foot didn’t work, even on a dry work surface. They said they had to keep it in place to use it. Although this is not serious, they were disappointed that the vacuum system does not really work as advertised.

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Our recommendation

Sorting food by hand can be challenging, but it can also be a big risk of injury if you are not careful with what you do. Normal grinders can cut off your fingers or ankles and there is no guarantee that they will not slip while working.

For many people, the SLC’s fast-spinning drum grater seems to be the perfect solution to this problem. This grate has a suction bottom with a locking mechanism. You can place the grate on the counter top, lock it in place and it will stay in place without fear of slipping during work.

We love this grater, especially because it is equipped with three interchangeable blades of food-safe stainless steel. These knives are easy to use and easy to replace. Depending on the drumhead you choose, you can make ribbons, thin vegetarian noodles or thicker vegetarian noodles.

Of course you can rub it in. You can grate nuts, parmesan cheese (and other hard cheeses) or chocolate to get a pleasant taste of a sweet delicacy.

We also like the fact that this appliance is available in three bright colours that make your kitchen a little more fun. If you are looking for an exciting tool that not only prevents you from cutting your joints, but also gives you perfectly chopped, tied or tied food, then we think this is a great option. Not only does it work well and is easy to clean, it is also affordable!



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