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Overview of Philips pasta cookers

If you feel that cooking pasta at home requires the skills of a professional chef, the Philips Electric Pasta Dispenser will positively influence your opinion and can be a great addition to your kitchen.

Philips has grown into a producer of homemade pastas that has no problem relaxing and kneading for a long time. Philips’ commitment to health and well-being has always been at the forefront of technology. In this respect, the Philips Avance pasta machine is an excellent complement to a wide range of health products.

Pasta producer Philips


If you are a pasta lover, you can prepare fresh and fragrant pasta in a few minutes thanks to a powerful automatic machine.  The mechanism includes mechanised tools for mixing, kneading and extruding to produce a pound of pasta.

The Philips Avance pasta machine is the ideal offer for customers looking for quality and availability. The 360 degree extrusion technology makes it possible to prepare tasty and nutritious pastas in the shortest possible time.  The product is designed to provide an integrated solution when it comes to making a customer’s life healthy and pleasant.

About product

  • Equipped with automatic extrusion technology for kneading and mixing
  • Contains four training discs for different types
  • It has tools for cleaning, a recipe booklet and a measuring cup.
  • Powerful 200-volt battery
  • LED display and preset cooking functions
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Parental supervision
  • Weight 7,5 kg
  • Product dimensions L343 x B215 x H300 mm

Product benefits

The Philips Avance Pasta Maker is a luxury version of the pasta machine. These are automatic and advanced tools and designs for producing homemade pastes in various shapes.  The reliability of the machine’s equipment requires all the efficient technical means for the production of pasta, which makes the process infallible.

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You no longer have to sweat and spend valuable time kneading cutlery and designing dough moulds, because the Philips Avance Pasta Maker makes it possible to complete this uncomfortable task in just a few minutes.

The machine’s heavy-duty engine can withstand up to 1600 pounds of force when compressing dough. The effect improves the fast spiralling process, so that the machine can produce pasta in just 15 minutes.  In the same line, Philips products guarantee the nutritional value of the pasta with its perfect texture.

A feature of all these functions is the automatic mixing, homogenizing and extruding , which saves you most of the time as with a domestic cooker. Moreover, it is an ideal product for those who do not want to consume unknown additives and preservatives added to ready-made pastes available on the market.

Thanks to its dominant 200-volt battery, the machine also allows you to experiment with different forms of underestimated pastes, as it is equipped with additional accessories for forming slices, including lasagne, spaghetti, penne and fettuccini.

In addition, the experience is not limited to the development of accessories; you can improve the taste of your pasta by using different ingredients such as carrots, spinach, eggs and spices to make your pasta more exciting and tasty.

There is a specially developed tool that protects you from the cleaning process with the key. The machine contains suitable forming discs to help you clean those parts of the dough bakery that are difficult to access. The single pressure cleaning set undoubtedly saves a lot of time.

Pasta producer Philips


To help you prepare recipes, the appliance is also equipped with a measuring cup that allows you to measure the exact amount of ingredients and make your meal perfect.  On the underside of the device there is an intelligent box for storing the tools for cleaning and processing the discs. This allows you to store pasta preparation tools in one place.

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Moreover, the removable gutters and the automatic stop are just some of the features that guarantee the safe use of the paste. The best example of automatic shutdown is the automatic shutdown in case of problems with the digital settings.   You can also set the time with an automatic timer.

For pasta lovers, the machine is a miracle that not only gives the pasta an intimate taste, but also preserves the natural taste of the ingredients.


  • Digital control mechanism
  • Powerful automatic extrusion technology
  • Multifunctional worktop
  • High safety
  • easy to clean system

Buyers will be fully impressed by the additional features of the Philips Avance Pasta Maker, which are undoubtedly an easy way to prepare delicious and healthy pasta in less than 15 minutes.

Not only is it exceptionally easy to handle, but it also has a simple mechanism to produce four different forms of homemade pasta. The only thing that surprises customers is the way the machine automatically mixes and kneads the flour with a fast processing system, while maintaining the perfect texture.

Moreover, the machine impressed its customers and proved to be more efficient than other machines for the production of pasta. Buyers have spoken out in various forums about its excellent properties.

Purchasing tips

In addition to the vulnerability of the valve cover, customers are satisfied with the reliable operation of the device.  Although customers have found it more cost-effective than competing brands, they are satisfied with the smart design and automatic mechanism that costs every penny you pay.

Pasta producer Philips


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If you want to buy the pasta from a Philips manufacturer, it is available at Amazon for an affordable price of less than $280.


In general, this is clearly to the advantage of the Philips Avance pasta maker, because it can be your reliable companion in the kitchen.  It makes cooking easier and allows you to make, cook and serve delicious pasta.  Kitchen appliances that have absorbed all the charm and perfection are different from ordinary pastas of other brands.

Another great aspect of this product is that it has many practical features that will help you make pasta with a perfect texture and taste.  So time travel is not limited to certain cases, you can enjoy this pleasure at any time at home without having to worry about time and effort.



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