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Converting fruit and vegetables into attractive spirals can be very beneficial, especially for your diet. Spirals have changed the way people see and eat fruit and vegetables. The Benriner Turner Slicer is a product made in Japan, and its quality reflects its high price. It may be expensive, but it’s definitely a success.


  • Quality made in Japan
  • Delivered with 4 different stainless steel knives
  • Easy to use
  • Stable plastic construction
  • Lateral operation of the pendulum
  • Produces 50 servings in 5 minutes according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


If it’s made in Japan, you know it’s high quality, especially if it has something to do with cutting. The Benriner reversible cutter produces four different types of itching wheels with four different blades, a fine one, a flat one, a medium one and a coarse one. Leaves can be easily interrupted by simply turning the wing screw.

Using a Benriner lathe and cutter is as simple as it sounds. Place the pre-cooked fruit or vegetables in the central mandrel and twist the handle so that it is firmly attached to the vegetables. Then you turn the handle and the result is a beautiful spiral of fruit and vegetables.

The tickle is made of plastic, but it’s not cheap. It’s actually quite strong and durable and gives you years of work. It is also available in pastel green to relax the eyes and complement the colours of your fruit and vegetables.

One of the advantages of the horizontal spiral over the vertical models is that there is sufficient space for large fruit and vegetables. You also have more room for your spiral-shaped vegetables.

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Inspection of Benriner Turner cutting machines

You can take it directly from a large plate and prepare it to serve or turn it into a delicious meal, unlike the vertical model where you have to empty the container over and over again because it fills up very quickly. You don’t even have to work hard. The whole process runs smoothly and without any problems.

Benriner also says he can make 50 servings in just five minutes. Whether it takes five minutes or more, you will certainly be able to cook a lot of portions, instead of using a knife or mandolin.


For some, the price is a bit exaggerated. Of course, it is made in Japan and you certainly get the quality you pay for, but the price can be too high for some people. There are other models that can compete with this model at a lower price.

Security is Mr. Benriner’s number one. This is certainly for professionals, not amateurs or children, because you work with open magazines if you decide to change the magazines. The knives are made of stainless steel, not plastic, so be careful.

It doesn’t stay on the counter like many people would like, but it has rubber stoppers that you can put on the floor so it doesn’t move too much. You can also fasten it with both hands while working.


With a lathe and milling machine from Benriner you get what you pay in terms of quality, but safety is a matter of bare knives. Benriner receives 4.5 out of 5 product evaluations.

Final equation

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Benriner also has a vertical cutting model, the Benriner Cook Help Slicer. If you already own a lathe/milling machine, you will be pleased to discover that the same knives can be used on both types of lathe/milling machines.

It is easy to use and produces little waste as most vegetables are exhausted. The disadvantage is that the core is not separated, as is the case with turning, so that tempered pastes can be obtained.

You will have the same problems as with a lathe and a milling machine, especially if you work with an open knife, but if you have no problems, you will probably be satisfied with these Benriner products.

Another option is the 5-blade letter spiral. You get more shaped noodles with the wallet spiral shaper, because it comes with 5 knives. All knives are in a plastic housing, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself. Changing knives is quick and easy.

The operation of the Brieftons is very similar to that of Benriner, but with the previous model you get more than 3 exclusive recipe books for free, so you can enjoy your fruit and vegetable spiral more. Finally, it is available at a more affordable price than the Benriner.



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