Paderno World Cuisine Spiraliser Review


Whether you are a new cook or a veteran with years of experience. It’s always nice to try something new in the kitchen. This can vary from a small change in your cooking habits to the taste of a completely different kitchen. Whatever your decision, you will find that a regular change of scenery makes the kitchen much more exciting and less tiring.

There are many utensils and tools that can be used to make cooking more interesting. One of the unique options at your disposal is the spiral cutter, also known as spiral cutter. Spiral formers do exactly what it seems, they cut food into spirals of different thickness for some reason.

Sliced vegetables.

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The different types of sliders work differently. The simplest type consists of a bark-shaped sieve handle. Simply press the fruit or vegetable against the blade and twist it. This option is simpler than the others, but requires more practice in the technique.

Other spiral formers consist of fixed knives with a feed holder that rotates and moves horizontally so that you can cut fruit or vegetables in a spiral. They leave less room for errors and can be operated by hand with a handle and a gear or through the mains.


One of the most important characteristics of any product is reliability. You will always want to choose a model that will last for a long time, because it gives you less problems. You will find that products that are unreliable must either be returned to the manufacturer or, in the worst case, must be bought back.

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In addition to the difficulty of sending the product for repair, your wallet may also suffer if you buy an unreliable product because the warranty may expire and you may have to buy a brand new product. This situation can easily be avoided by spending more money in advance and choosing a better product.

Memory format

Kitchens can be overcrowded, making it easy to store appliances and kitchen utensils. This makes it much easier to find what you need for cooking and to organize cabinets and drawers.

Folding spiral vegetable slicer.

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Improper storage of kitchen utensils can also lead to accidental injury from knives or other sharp objects. It only makes your life easier if you have a well-organized kitchen, whether you’re cooking, cleaning or even looking for something.


No matter how you work, you prefer the Spiralizer; it’s a big investment. With fruit and vegetable dishes, a spiral can have a major impact on the aesthetic value of your dish. In addition, a spiral can be used to prepare unique dishes such as zucchini spaghetti.

Spiral properties

  • With four types of knives (⅛ inch, ¼ inch, 3/32 inch and ribbon cutting).
  • The spiral former is made of strong plastic that does not contain BPA.
  • Characteristics of the base with high suction power
  • Compact and foldable design for better storage
  • Unused features of the knife storage tray

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This spiral is produced by the Italian manufacturer of kitchen appliances Paderno World Cuisine, which has been in existence since 1925. This product fairly effectively represents their long and rich history. For example, this model comes with 4 separate blades for different applications.

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This spiral cutter also has a solid suction base to keep it in place during use. In combination with the foldable design, this spiral is very practical for both use and storage.


This is one of the best spiral models you will find in your price range. Everything from the quality of the assembly and the materials to components such as the powerful suction cup base.

Today, our favourite part of this spiral shaper is the storage box, which makes it much easier to store the knives supplied, especially when compared to some of our competitors. This way, your knives will not rust, get lost or damaged, so your reel will stay as good as the day of your first purchase.

4 different stainless steel knives

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We were also impressed by the fluidity of the mechanism of this model. The handle rotates as easily as any other spiral-shaped model we’ve tried in this style. So if the mechanism is one of your top priorities, you can rest assured.

What does the other numbersay?

In reviewing numerous customer comments, we have found that this model is based on consensus and is among the best available. In terms of praise, most customers are satisfied with the blades of this model and have discovered that they are always sharp after long use.

Another positive aspect is that the suction foot adheres to most surfaces, sometimes even when wet. With regard to the complaints, we noted that some customers were not impressed by the speed of this model. Although we agree that it can be slow, depending on what you cut, you will find that speed is very useful.

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Purchasing tips

This product usually costs around $40, which is a fairly standard price for a high quality spiral former like this one. You can buy this spiral router on Amazon or any other suitable online store that has a stock of kitchen appliances. We’d say this product is worth its price.


The Paderno 4-blade is an excellent model if you are looking for a good combination of versatility and storage comfort.

Its foldable character and the included storage box make it a good choice for those who are attached to a piece of their wardrobe. If you have any questions about our review, feel free to leave them in your comments.



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