Paderno World Cuisine Rouet Spiral Vegetable Slicer


If you like to cook fresh food, but don’t cook everything, you should have a spiral vegetable slicer in your kitchen. It’s also a great tool if you want to make attractive spiral-shaped vegetables for salad and soup side dishes.

The machine also works with single fruits with harder flesh. You can use it to prepare zucchini pasta or French fries, except for side dishes.

Use a cutting machine to cut fruits and vegetables and collect different kinds of fruits and vegetables. A model that can juggle vegetables means you can save yourself the work of preparation. If you want to know more about these machines, take a look at this elegant model by Paderno, the spiral vegetable slicer of World Cuisine Rouet.


  • Requires no power to operate
  • has a sturdy and resistant construction, ideal for commercial use
  • Has a solid stainless steel structure
  • Cutting blades can provide strips and ribbons.
  • Dishwasher
  • Has a chromed surface
  • The hilt is made of plastic
  • Ideal for vegetables
  • Made in France.

Advantages of the spiral plant disc of the Paderno-Mira installation track

Would you like a healthier diet this year, with the exception of a delicious and dignified Instagram meal? A pair of spiral vegetable cutters can help you achieve your goal.

Paderno's world cuisine Rueta Revue spiral vegetable slicer

It allows users to store healthy vegetables such as courgettes or zucchini and then process them into pasta or noodles. If you want to eat pasta but with less carbohydrates, this special device is your answer.

Most spiral cutters for cutting vegetables like those in Paderno work in the same way. They place the vegetarian vegetables between the leaves and the elongated rotator like a spinning top. Then you turn the handle and on the other side the machine cuts the vegetables.

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They, in turn, will buy clean-cut vegetables. The type of cut you buy depends on the knife you use. The blades of these devices are easy to replace and maintain, so you don’t have to worry. The Paderno World Cuisine vegetarian cutter can be washed in the dishwasher for faster cleaning.

Paderno World Cuisine has produced a lot of kitchen utensils in the 90 years of its existence. This makes the company an expert in consumer needs and preferences and will meet these needs by developing and manufacturing these products.

The aim of the brand is to offer only high-quality kitchen utensils, cutlery, bakery products and commercial gadgets from all over the world. Thanks to the wide range and quality of its products, many kitchen and bakery enthusiasts choose the products of this brand.

The brand mixes the progressive and the traditional in its products. In addition to the spiral vegetable cutting machines, which are a relatively new product, the company has also produced products such as frying pans, Dutch ovens, kitchen appliances, fondue sets and cooking equipment such as mixing bowls and bags for confectionery.

Model Paderno Spiral-shaped wheel, vegetarian fruit and vegetable slices. The chosen production is simply placed on the spindles of a wheel of the machine and after turning this wheel and pressing the base in a vertical plate direction of a julienne, strips and ropes are supplied.

The cutter includes multiple blades in steps of 5/64 inch, 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch. It also contains a straight blade if you want a ribbon.

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This is a high quality appliance you can rely on if you want to prepare these popular dishes from pasta and vegetable noodles. The production of spirals and endless belts of this device is quick and easy. They cut efficiently with a balanced length and thickness.

According to some customers who are satisfied with the product, the installation was also solid. It is equipped with rubber feet to maintain its position on the table, even when pressing denser vegetables. However, if you want to get the most out of this appliance, you may need to apply it more to your vegetables.

Interesting facts

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Bottom row

There are many possibilities when it comes to spiral scissors or vegetable scissors, but this model from Paderno World Cuisine Rouet works perfectly. We highly recommend them because of their ability to grind vegetables, which are finely chopped to a balanced thickness and length.

It was also a light breeze that you could use even if you had to put a little more pressure on the device with harder products. In any case, a good replacement for these vegetable peelers.




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