OXO Good Grips Spiraliser Review


The pasta’s not very good. This dish is one of the most famous of the Italian cuisine and is very pleasant, but also unhealthy. If you are trying to improve your diet, not only in terms of weight but also in terms of health, pasta is usually one of the first things you should take with you.

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OXO: 3-blade spiral with good grip and strong suction power

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Spiral size

One of the most important considerations when buying a spiral cutter is the size of the spirals your spiral cutter will cut. In general it depends on the fruit and vegetables you are going to cut and the kind of food you are going to process with your spiral cutting machine.

OXO Good handles 3 knives

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The dimensions of your spirals can be defined in relation to certain dimensions or they can be defined as paste sizes. For example, some spiral scissors are made to cut your vegetables into spaghetti or linguine.

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Another important aspect to consider before buying a Spiral is the price. As each client has its own budget, it is a fairly personal choice, but we can give you advice on how to get the best product for your money.

Some customers have the wrong impression that a more expensive product is necessarily better than a cheaper one. This is not always the case, as you can often find a better deal if you spend some time looking at the products on offer.


If you want healthy noodles, there are much better options. For example, you can use a spiral to make a kind of pasta made of zucchini. Muscle lasers can be used for much more than this simple application, and we will examine some of them in our review, but first we will look at some important features of spirulums.

Spiral properties

  • Has 3 options for the cutting knives (⅛ inch, ¼ inch and band).
  • Contains a knife box to keep your knives neat and clean
  • has a jagged support to preserve your fruit or vegetables
  • Includes a suction cup to keep the spiral former in place during use

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This three-leaf co-pilot is produced by OXO. OXO is a New York-based tableware company founded in the 1990s. Don’t be fooled by their relatively short history, because they always produce products of excellent quality.

As you may have noticed in the name, the most striking feature of this product is the installation of three different types of blades, depending on your preference for spiral cutting. A suction cup is also included, which is placed under the spiral to keep it in place during use.

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To date, our favourite feature of this spiral former is the installation of three different types of blades. This allows you to optimise the spiral former according to the type of product you wish to use. For example, with a cutter you can make very thin slices of apples, which you can use as a garnish for a fruit salad.

In addition to the wide variety of knives that can be used with this spiral shaper, the corresponding suction cup system is also very useful and intuitive. This system ensures that the spiral shaper stays on the table while you operate it with both handles. The suction cup is also equipped with a lever that allows the suction cup to be removed at the end of the operation.

Spiral shaper with high retention suction

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Another very useful addition is the addition of a knife box that makes it possible to store knives when they are not in use. This reduces clutter in the kitchen and keeps the knives clean and protected from damage.

What does the other numbersay?

We have read several customer reviews and recommendations to get more information about this product. First we look at the good reviews. Many customers are very satisfied with the quality of the assembly of this spiral cutter and have stated that it is much stronger and more reliable than many competing models.

On the other hand, some customers found that the suction cup system did not work well on certain surfaces. This is sad because some kitchens do not have a surface on which this spiral can be used.

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Purchasing tips

This product can be purchased in many online stores, including Amazon. It is generally sold at a retail price of around $40, which is more affordable than most other rebellions built to the same standards as this model.


The OXO Good Grips 3 knife spiral cutter is an excellent choice for a spiral cutter if you want great versatility due to the number of knives included. In addition to its absolute versatility, it is a surprisingly well-designed product, especially when compared to similar priced options.

We hope this review has been useful and informative, and if you have any questions, you can ask them below.



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