Lurch Germany Super Vegetable Spiraliser Review


Originally developed in Japan, the Spiralizer was an elegant and useful appliance, and the response to the kitchen appliance is extremely positive.

Its popularity has paved the way for the production of different models that meet different consumer needs and preferences. Many people see the Spiralizer as a necessary kitchen tool that complements the practice of healthy eating.

An example is the super vegetable spiral Lurch Germany. This enables users to approach food creatively with a small device. It includes 3 different knives and can easily be used to make spirals, pasta strands and much more.

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Buy the German magazine Super Vegetable Spiralizer


  • Can cut fruit and vegetables into spirals and pasta strands.
  • Contains 3 sheets: fine spaghetti, coarse spaghetti and tornado leaf.
  • Adjustable knife working width Tornado
  • Ideal for cooking vegetarian tornadoes and curly fries.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Benefits of buying the Vegetable Spiralfor Germany

Durable and sturdy, this model from Lurch Spiralizer has a compact design that won’t take up much space in your kitchen. It is practical and easy to use; the whole unit contains the usual variety of knives, a detachable handle and a handle.

To use the product, the user must attach the desired product to the crenate holder and then push down until the fruit or vegetable is level with the product sheet. Cut the product into the shape you need and it will be ready in no time. The process is like the size of a pencil.

The unit has 3 interchangeable inserts, 2 spaghetti blades and a wider blade for a wider variety of string thicknesses. It is made of high quality plastic and is easy to clean and maintain.

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Plastic coils are actually more affordable than metal coils. There are plastic models that are fragile and not strong enough, but this model from Lurch has a good design and feels very nice.

The blades of the objects are stored in the appropriate drawers for convenience and are indispensable for people who often cannot place objects on the edge of the kitchen. They are considerably sharper and are made of stainless steel, which indicates the efficiency of cutting and slicing.

In addition, the unit is equipped with 4 non-slip suction cups that attach the spiral to the table or worktop surface.

With this device it is possible to grow different kinds of fruit and vegetables, as long as they are not soft or spongy. They are ideal for harder meat products such as carrots, courgettes, cucumbers, potatoes, apples and beets.

There are many recipes that can be applied to these vegetables, but the most popular are pasta, pasta, chips and crisps. You can also use spiral vegetables to accompany other dishes.

To move the handle, simply adjust the size and place the product between the handle and the blades. Once the product is correctly positioned, the user can continue to rotate the pendulum in the direction of the blade with a certain amount of force.

Once you are familiar with the machine, you will have your own beautiful spiral-shaped products in no time. The Lurch Sprayer works on most vegetables, making it a handy tool to have in the kitchen.

The cleaning of the product was also easy and can be done in a few minutes. It will take some time to remove delayed food from the edges of the leaf, but you can remove the residue by cleaning it with running water.

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Information about

The fact is that the plastic models of the products can be painted with saturated colors. If you often use dyed vegetables, such as beetroot, the surface of the appliance may discolour over time.

Another user claimed that the handle in question was not as cost-effective. It was much easier to push a little, if you pushed the pendulum from behind with a moderate thumb.

Bottom row

The Lurch Vegetable Super Vegetable Spiral from Germany is something you should check out if you want to make this great healthy vegetable pasta and noodles.

Creativity doesn’t stop there and it will inspire you even more to prepare your own recipes and follow these healthy eating habits. Recommended purchase of different spiral formers.




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