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As humans, we eat with our eyes. If the dish is visually appealing, we want to eat it in seconds. After all, if it looks good, should definitely taste good for , right? Why don’t you take that idea and use your food as an art form?

What is nutritional art?

Food causes many different reactions. Some people are attracted to food for its taste, others see it as a source of food, and still others – as a way of creating beautiful works of art.

For thousands of years man has been trying to make food taste good, but looks good for . Anyone can make a pasta board delicious, but you can take it to a whole new level and turn it into a work of art. Those who spend many hours of their lives turning food into art are called food artists.

You may have seen pictures of people who have cut intricate designs into different products, such as watermelons, melons, honeydew melons and pumpkins. Other types of food can also be turned into art. Why did the Japanese create a new form of cooking called Bento (or bento box), where part of the dish is wrapped in a box and the food is artistically designed and decorated in the form of a photo.

With temperamental food you can create beautiful works of art. Thanks to the fine itching you can make patterns and designs. You can use different coloured vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, etc.) to give your dish a more elaborate and colourful appearance.

Even thin strips of food cut from the spiral former can be used to make delicate sprouts and other types of colours. Also while cooking, instead of automatically going to the spaghetti sheet, try to turn a simple dish of spaghetti with noodles into a nice and elegant dish.

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Tips for creating Food Art

Whether you want to present your dishes in an original way or transform your food into a beautiful culinary work of art, there are several important elements to take into account:


It is supported by patterns and colors that do not interfere with focusing. The volume of aid must be comparable to that of food aid – no more and no less than the main objective. When converting food into art, culinary artists often use a white plate to add a touch of glamour to their work.

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The focus will be on food, which is the star of the show. This can be the highest element of the slab, and is usually placed on one side of the slab so as not to overshadow the other elements of the slab. The main course usually focuses on protein.


Colours are important when making a food art work. It sets the tone for how the person receiving the document should feel. For example, the green colour of a plate is soothing and gives a feeling of freshness. Red creates passion and excitement. The black elements give your dish a touch of elegance. You will want to avoid blue colours because they suppress the guest’s appetite and the food will look unattractive.

When using vegetables on a plate, it is important to consider their shape and colour, and you will want to remember where they are. They don’t want the vegetables to cloud the other elements of the dish.


Textures play an important role in the presentation of your art. When using contrasting textures (e.g. shape and softness or silky hard texture), the dish is taken from to a higher level of, both for visual interest and during the meal.

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Contrasting textures are produced by different preparation methods. The crispy texture gives the creamy soup an interesting texture, while the silky ganache gives the nougat a different (and exciting) feeling in the mouth.


The jewellery you use on your plate should always be edible and you should take your taste into account. Most people use herbs, spices and other ingredients to decorate the plate. It could be a squash spiral base resting on a green micro base.

This is your chance to make your art shine. But don’t make a habit of sprinkling chopped parsley, purple cabbage or grated lemon rind to decorate the plate.


The garnish improves the texture and taste of your dish. The filling should distribute the plate evenly, but look clean.


When you choose the elements of your work, you want to choose foods that are complementary to each other’s tastes.


Cooking for your loved ones is a great way to show them how much you care. When you cook, you don’t want to put food on a plate; you want to spend time creating a beautiful presentation that makes people want to dig in and enjoy the taste.

You can turn your food into a work of art if you take your time and plan what you want to do. It takes a little practice to take your kitchen to the next level. There are many books that will help you make progress in the game, but you can start practicing with the Vegetable Spiralizer and make flowers with a comic book. Don’t stop that! Let your imagination run wild and experiment!

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