How to Use Vegetable Spiralizer: Helpful Kitchen Tips & Tricks


The days when vegetables were no longer a side dish or the most unpopular dish on the table have disappeared. There is a unique cooking tool in town that will change your mind about eating vegetables.

The vegetable spiral transforms ordinary vegetables into beautiful and tasty pasta! This is a new approach to the consumption of vegetables that has conquered the country.

More and more families want to add a spiral to their kitchen! If you’re interested, here’s a brief description of how to use a vegetable juicer so you can get the most out of this great kitchen tool.

What is a vegetable spreader?

When you first hear about a vegetable centrifuge, you probably wonder what it is and what it does exactly. The Vegetable Spiralisator does exactly what its name suggests. He’ll turn your vegetables into noodles.

Depending on how the blade is attached or adjusted, spaghetti, linguini, flat ribbon paste or fettuccino can be made from your vegetables. This makes your vegetable the main ingredient or main course!

The Vegetable Spinner can also turn your favourite fruit into pasta. It allows you to create absolutely delicious and beautiful salads and dishes.

Useful tips and tricks for your kitchen

Operation manual for vegetable spiral machine

The Spiralizer is quite easy to use, even if it is the first time. Depending on the model you choose, the Spiralizer can be assembled and delivered ready to use. A specific installation may also be required, such as adjusting the blade of your choice.

1. Select the fruit or vegetable you want to spiral.

You can spiral almost any fruit or vegetable, as long as it ends up in the spiral former. Before attaching fruit or vegetables to the spiral, clean it thoroughly, especially if you choose a spiral with the peel on it. Make sure you dry fruits or vegetables thoroughly before attaching them to the spiral machine.

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2. Choose a noodle or knife.

Most rolls come with detachable knives of different types to make different types of dough. There are also scrollers that eliminate the need to change blades by simply adding a switch that allows you to change the orientation of the blade.

Depending on your spiral shaper, you can make spaghetti, fettuccine, linguine or broadband pastas such as fruit and vegetables.

After selecting the blade, make sure the blade is locked (if it is removable).

3. Place the food in the spiral former.

The operation of your spiral shaper may vary slightly, but for the most part you place the fruit or vegetable between the handle (knife edge) and the core holder, which holds the core in place so that other fruits can be spiralled.

You can cut both sides of the food to make sure both sides are centered. You also have the option to cut only one side in front of the core holder and leave the uncut side in front of the pendulum.

4. Turn the handle to get the noodles

This part is very simple and won’t even take too much effort from you. Make sure that the lower part of the spiral is attached to the kitchen surface so that it does not shift while turning.

You’ll probably get long pieces of pasta, so make sure the scissors are ready to cut it into more reasonable pieces for you and the rest of your family.

Bonuses, tips and tricks

Since the spiral is a very interesting product to have in your kitchen, you should use these tips and tricks to get the most out of it.

  • Spirals only raw fruit and vegetables. First boil it and then screw it into a spiral is like making a big mess.
  • Don’t throw leftover food out of the spiral. Store in a resealable bag and place in the freezer. If you get tired of it, you can make soup out of it.
  • If you produce croissants (due to poor positioning or the curved shape of the fruit), do not throw them away. You can keep them for salads.
  • Use the brush to clean the spiral. It’s easier and he takes the chaos out of the sheets without hurting his hand or cutting off his sponge. Just soak the rinse in soapy water and rinse it off.
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If you think it can be difficult to learn how to use a plant spiral former, you are wrong. It’s easy, and it will change the way you eat vegetables! Price healthy food for you and your family!



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