Chiba Tsumakirikun Vegetable Turn Slicer Review


For some recipes we sometimes spend a lot of time cutting, dicing and chopping vegetables.

If you are tired of all that work with vegetable peelers just to get those long strips of product, you can shorten your cooking time with a vegetable slicer or spiral cutter. Now you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen cutting vegetables.

There are currently many models on the market and the choice can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer reviews to make these solutions more flexible and faster. For this review we will talk about peeling Tsumakirikun vegetables from Chiba.


  • It has an automatic feed in increments of 1 mm.
  • It has overall dimensions of 370 × 135 × 210 mm.
  • Weight 1 kg
  • Has a maximum diameter (for use) of 130 mm.
  • Has a maximum length (in use) of 150 mm.
  • Has benches with 1.0 mm knives and 2.5 mm with combed knives.
  • Has optional 4 mm slats
  • Can cut pasta and flat spirals
  • Allows a quick exit.

Advantages of a vegetable slicer in Tsumakirikuni

The use of tsumakirikun will pave the way for safer cutting and slicing. You no longer have to worry about a lack of cooking skills in the kitchen, because you now have a spiral former who does all the work. They are also the wind in the sails, although they need to be maintained and serviced by hand.

However, once the appliance is in use, it is just a click away from washing and cleaning. Most vegetable cutters also work manually and don’t need electricity to work, so if they break down you don’t need to call an electrician to repair them.

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Overview of the Chiba Tsumakirikun vegetable slicer

Owning a vegetable disc has several advantages. You have to know and understand that cooking does not have to be a difficult and complicated task. With Tsumariquirikun you can easily make a variety of dishes and cut the time needed to prepare vegetarian strands and ribbons in half.

The Tsumarikirikun is a vegetarian handmade schnitzel, ultra hot and of high quality. It has an automatic feeding system that works as soon as the user introduces his selected products. The user should place the product on top and rotate the handle while pressing the top button.

The knife holder can be easily removed and by clicking on the left and right side of the knife holder, users can clean the device after each use. As the appliance is operated by hand, it can be washed with soap and water.

With the help of strands, ribbons and strips you can make a variety of dishes, provided they are used as garnish.

The model is produced by Chiba and is used in many restaurants in the country of production – Japan. The simple and trouble-free production of vegetable spaetzle depended on it, because it is a practical and fast device. It is also used by many healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, vegetarians, vegans and lovers of raw foods.

Many vegetable slicers do their job well, but if you look at the Tsumariquirikun, you can see that it stands out from other similar machines because this beautifully designed machine is so different. It features high quality sharpened steel blades from Japan.

Although there is a version with 4 mm knives, the packaging generally contains a 1 mm knife for making fine noodles, similar to angel hair pasta, and 2.5 mm knives, ideal for making spaghetti from zucchini. Users can also make flatter spiral cuts of the device.

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You will notice that the machine makes it possible to cut and cut the products easily, which is further proof of the superiority of Japanese craftsmanship.

The machine’s sharp blades glide smoothly over the surface and into the thickest vegetables you are dealing with. Press the large button on the top of the handle slide and the automatic feed is activated, pushing the product into the machine with every turn of the handle.

Once this vending machine is activated, users can easily control the wind in the cooking process, making it ideal for commercial use in raw food stores, vegetarian restaurants and sushi bars.

Information about

The product has no disadvantages, so that it retains its reliability as a high-quality device.

Bottom row

One of the good features of Tsumakirikun’s vegetable turning head is that it enables users to cut and cut their products cleanly and evenly.

It also comes with a selection of knives in case you need thinner or thicker discs. Thanks to the knife attachments, you can quickly and easily bend the desired shape. Excellent recommendation from a country that knows excellent work, attention to detail and functionality.




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