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The three-leaf spiral former is an ultra-modern tool to improve your healthy diet. It is very easy to use and produces shoes, vegetable pastes and spiral segments of almost all kinds of vegetables. It’s a great way to make onion rings. Other vegetables such as cucumbers, radishes and carrots will make your salad even better. It can only be used with firm fruits and vegetables. Chefs use it a lot lately. Apples are often used to make bookmarks based on apples.

These tribbles have changed the way salads, spaghetti and other healthy dishes are prepared. These portable devices are an ideal gift for your loved ones because they have many advantages. Health is the top priority when it comes to the innovative design of these special cutting machines. People who exercise regularly and follow a strict diet will find this spiral a blessing for themselves.

These triple drawers have variations in size and width, which are different for each company and each model of three-place decoiler. Dimensions and widths vary depending on the knives used. Usually 3 types of blades are used in these scrollers. They are usually operated by hand and do not require electricity or batteries to operate.

1. Spiral three-point vegetable slicerSpiral vegetable slicer

the thinnest three-lobe spiral

It is a very well thought out product. The best feature is that it fits easily and well in the category. It is easy to use and is happy to have it with you. It can easily be placed in the corner of your kitchen and all waste is collected in the internal compartment. It is therefore very practical to dump this waste or use it for other purposes.

best properties

  • Best design and quality: High quality plastic. Made of 100% durable ABS plastic. The knives are made of carbon-rich stainless steel from Japan.
  • Life change tools: It is an ideal gift for chefs, cooks and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. This makes cutting vegetables so easy that it otherwise seems like a tedious task. Families with difficult children can also buy it. Children eat this healthy food in a spiral shape instead of being regularly cut into pieces.
  • Universal: It’s good for a variety of dishes. It is most suitable for hard fruit and vegetables, but also works with softer, wider fruit and vegetables.

Professionals buying spiral vegetable cutters

  • Easy to use
  • The hardest fruits and vegetables are easy to cut, slice and fry.
  • Good for long and wide vegetables, both of them.
  • Electricity
  • Ideal for camping and other emergency situations
  • Operational safety
  • Dishwasher safe
  • lifelong guarantee


  • The small spiral does not work well with carrots, radishes, etc.
  • It’ll take some getting used to.

Pricing and valuation

It is available on the market for about $32 and is the leading seller of headphone knives. It has a user rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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For many reasons, this speaker is called the best on the market. It is available in different sizes and can be selected according to your needs. As mentioned before, it works well with almost all fruits and vegetables, making it the best buy for everyone. It will certainly make your life much more comfortable.

2. Paderno’s World Cuisine A4982799 Three layers plastic spiral vegetable disc:

Vegetable spinner with a paderno-tribble blade

It is also not an electric cutting machine, which is easy to use. It produces zucchini spaghetti, apple branches in a spiral and what is not done with 3 stainless steel knives. The blades have a 1/8 inch stitch, a ΒΌ inch stitch and a straight blade to cut the ribbon.

best properties

  • Sheet storage location: One of the 3 blades is attached to the disk and the other two can be stored in the compartment below the disk. This saves you the tedious task of storing the knives and you don’t have to search for them every time you need them.
  • Durable: This product is impact resistant and consists of a plastic frame that does not contain BPA-ABS.
  • Suction feet : It comes with powerful suction feet for spiral stability. They have tabs that are easy to unlock.
  • Manual operation: Easy to use handheld device that does not need power or batteries.
  • Stainless steel blades: It comes with 3 stainless steel knives
  • Straight ahead: To make long wires
  • Crushers: For the production of long and thick spiral wires.
  • Document shredders: To make long spiral wires that look like spaghetti.

Plus with the purchase of the Paderno SpiralizerWorld Kitchen

  • Simple operation
  • Can be used for different kinds of fruits and vegetables
  • Manual management
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Apartment for the storage of extra knives
  • suction feet


  • Not very easy to clean
  • Easy stains
  • Sometimes you need a dryer.

Pricing and valuation

It is offered at a very decent price of $ 32.38 compared to the standard. It got a high score of 4.5 out of 5, making it a highly recommended model for you.

Warranty: 1 year warranty

This model has a unique feature: the knives. With three blades you can get all the shapes and sizes you want out of your spiral without needing a lot of space. Like other slicers and spiral formers, this special product is most suitable for hard fruit and vegetables, but softer vegetables can be used with precision. It’ll take some getting used to.

Note: If you are interested in an electric model, please see our overview of electric reels.

3.3 Vegetable spiral of the miracle tree:

the best plant spiral

The WonderVeg works just like any other speaker, but has extra functions. These are spare parts and a cleaning brush. It is also made of BPA-free ABS-reinforced plastic, which guarantees durability. It is the perfect gift for mothers, cooks, travelers and lovers of healthy food.

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best properties

  • Parts: The scope of delivery includes an additional rotary handle and a free additional holder. They are important because rotating handles and ends are the most commonly used parts and they are subject to heavy wear and tear. The free delivery of these parts is an important additional advantage of the purchase of WonderVeg.
  • Cleaning brush: Another free item with this cleaning brush. We’ve heard people complain that their spiral is difficult to clean. So we think this brush is a good solution to this problem.
  • Universal: It also comes with 3 different blades for pasta/spaghetti, a thick spiral and a ribbon. All these blades are made of stainless steel and are very resistant.
  • Safety: Triple blade splicers are safer than hourglass splicers. He poses no threat to the operator.

Advantages of using the WonderVeg spiral machine

  • Easy to use
  • Safe use
  • Manual management
  • Leaf storage slots
  • Robust plastic
  • Don’t worry about rust.
  • admissible


  • Can sometimes not cut according to demand
  • We have to get used to the fact that…
  • It should be thoroughly checked before the first use to detect small splinters of the knife parts.

Pricing and valuation

At an affordable price it costs about $23 and is the first choice for salads. She got a high score of 4.5 out of 5, which is a brilliant score. So it’s the best buy.

Warranty: 1 year warranty and if you do not like the product, you will also get 1 year warranty for this product.

It is the best slicer/spirator in its price range. It works well with almost all fruits and vegetables. It is not an electrical appliance and can be used at any time and in any place. Healthy people can even take it with them on any trip or adventure. It can give you a healthy snack on the go. It’s usually a great purchase for those who don’t have many notable drawbacks.

4. iPerfect Vegetable Triple Metal Kitchen Spiral Machine

best spinner

This great device comes with a recipe book and a manual. There is even a money back guarantee, making it an irresistible purchase. It is ingeniously designed and produced with a simple mechanism. All day long, your vegetables will be cut by the wind with this great tool.

best properties

  • Ingenious and easy to use design: This spiral is made of high quality, impact resistant, dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. It is made of reinforced ABS plastic, BPA-free, which makes it durable.
  • Electricity and batteries are not required: This machine can be used anytime, anywhere. There must be a Courgette Spiral for everyone who likes it.
  • Ideal dimensions: It cuts, seals and spirals into ideal sizes for cooking vegetable dishes such as chips, salads, pasta and much more. The knives are made of Japanese stainless steel and never rust.
  • 100% Money back guarantee: It comes with a full money-back guarantee. This additional feature makes your purchase irresistible. User feedback indicates complete satisfaction; you do not need to use this option.
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iPerfectThree-bladed Vegetable Spiral Machine Plus

  • practical design
  • Easy to clean.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No electricity or batteries required.
  • Food only affects the steel part, not the plastic part.


  • Doesn’t always squirm like it should.
  • Requires precision
  • We have to get used to the fact that…

Pricing and valuation

It costs about 23 dollars and has a high score of 4 out of 5. The feedback is especially positive and highly appreciated by the users. This strong appreciation led to an increase in turnover.

Warranty: 100% money back guarantee.

The three-leaf vegetable splicer for the iPerfect kitchen is also called the Envy spiral splicer. The name fits well with the brand because of its jealous design and practical applicability. Everybody’s gonna want it when they see it with you. This appliance is an excellent tool for cooking zucchini or zucchini pasta and has all the necessary functions.

Conclusion – Which spiral should I buy?

The four products mentioned above are modern and have one thing in common: health! The three-leaf spiral-former has been specially developed for people who have difficulty preparing a healthy snack or dish after training or elsewhere. Cutting and chopping vegetables yourself can be tiring. This instrument will be useful for the time being.

Three different blades are an innovative way to produce three different types of spirals. The holes in these plates ultimately determine which spiral is involved. Because if you are really interested in buying one of these products, you should look at the pros and cons, the price and evaluation, and the best features of each product. This will help you choose the product that best suits your needs. Moreover, the above evaluations are those of all users, so there are no misrepresentations.



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