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The world is gradually learning to make fruit and vegetables the stars of the dining table. Then why were you left behind? With a spiral of vegetables you can make your fruit and vegetables more attractive. This handy and invaluable kitchen appliance can easily turn fresh fruits and vegetables into fake nodules, spaghetti and curls, so even the most demanding eater in your home can’t resist your kitchen.

There are several plant spiral formers on the market and it would be surprising to choose the most suitable one. Fortunately, you don’t have to invest time and effort in research, because here’s a list of the seven best plant spiral formers.

5-Payable Vegetable Spinner and Disc

Solid vegetables such as pumpkin or buttered tubers become a piece of cake thanks to this spiral and five-bladed disc. It is the ideal cooking tool for people who want to follow a low-carb, gluten-free or palaeontologically free diet.

Vegetable slicer 5 sugars

This manual scroll has five highly resistant and elastic stainless steel blades with a high carbon content. The spiral housing is made of high quality ABS plastic, which does not contain BPA. So you don’t have to struggle with a broken stem when working with hard rooted crops and scrapers.

With this elegant and easy to use spiral cutter you can cut, clean and grind hard fruits and vegetables. You can even use it with long vegetables such as courgettes, cucumbers and carrots. Vegetables can be up to 10 centimetres long and 7 centimetres wide. If you need ideas for tasty and healthy dishes using a spiral cooker, use the three free recipe books that come with the cooker.

The fact that it is replaced for life gives you the certainty that you are investing in a modern, comfortable and durable kitchen tool. The waist offers the possibility to wear a spiralisator during camping and travel.

PadernoThree-point vegetable spiral

If you are looking for a high quality vegetable spiral that can clean, chop and shape long strips of fruit and vegetables, you can’t go wrong with Paderno World Cuisine’s three-petal vegetable spiral.

Paderno World Kitchen Triple Blade Vegetable Spiralizer It is equipped with three stainless steel blades that are durable and can easily spiral and chop soft fruits and vegetables. This hand spiral can easily be applied to cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, courgettes and apples.

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The base is made of soft BPA-free ABS plastic and the bottom has a built-in storage compartment for knives you don’t use. The base plate is equipped with suction cups to prevent the device from slipping during use. The lids are supplied with simple tabs.

Müller Ultra-4-Petal Spiral

Maintaining a gluten-free, palaeontological or low-carb diet is child’s play with Muller’s Ultra-Coil Spiral. The trademark is a highly resistant 8-in-1 spiral that can itch perfectly and is used as a mandolin, planer, juicer and grater in one. With this beautiful and useful utensils, roasts, soups, salads and pasta are child’s play.

Mueller Ultra Spiral 4 blades This portable vegetable spiral is designed to make your work easier. It is fed directly vertically, so there is no need to squeeze the vegetables when they are cut, spiraled or grated. While the four extremely sharp blades are made of hardened stainless steel, the rest of the body is made of reinforced ABS plastic, which is highly resistant and safe for BPA, making it burglar-proof. That way you never have to worry about a broken pin.

This spiral is more than just a spiral. This makes your life easier by making long ribbons of fresh fruit and vegetables, grated cheese and citrus juice. The entire unit comes with a 4-head container, a lemon squeezer, a mandolin vegetable container and an electronic recipe book. If that’s not enough, you also benefit from a lifetime warranty.

Note:We have published a guide to choosing the best electric coil for your kitchen.

Spiral cutting machine for Premium vegetables with pieces from the spiral cutting machine

Now you no longer have an excuse for not following a healthy diet or losing weight, because the high-end vegetable spiral cutter with spiral cutter is exactly the kitchen tool you need to prepare delicious and tasty vegetable spaghetti, pasta, salads, soups, fries, roast meats and much more.

Bonus plan

This unique spiral shaper comes with its own luxury storage bag and a brush for cleaning. It is easy to use and comes with an integrated protective cover for optimum safety. You will also receive a pocket-sized recipe booklet that can inspire you to use a spiral of vegetables to create delicious dishes.

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The housing is made of food-safe ABS plastic, while the stainless steel blades are manufactured using the latest Japanese technology so they never lose their sharpness. Whether you want to make itchy julienne or vegetable spirals, this spiral does it for you with a minimum of effort.

Spiro-spiralizer-Spiro-spiralizer-Spiro-spiralizer-Spiro-spiralizer-Spiro-spiralizer-Spiro-Spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral spiral.

This portable spiral shaper comes with a set that includes not only a spiral shaper, but also a cleaning brush, storage bag, ceramic crust, pocket recipe booklet and a digital manual. It therefore offers good value for money in all cases.

Kitchen superior spiral slice You can’t blame your work because this is one of the best vegetable spirals and it can produce long strips of vegetable noodles as well as finely twisted vegetarian tree spirals. Courgette, carrots, sweet potatoes, radish, pumpkin or cucumber, you can twist or spiral fry them as you wish.

The housing is made of durable and flexible BPA-free ABC plastic. The ultra-sharp blades are made of hardened stainless steel according to Japanese technology. The spiral cooler comes with an integrated protective cap and finger protection for optimum safety. It is compact, portable and dishwasher safe. It is also guaranteed for a period of five years.

5 sheetswith headspiral

If you are looking for a complete 5-Petal Spiral Conditioner wallet conditioner, you should know that. It has a number of additions and features that make it one of the most popular roles on the market.

The 5-blade separator is available with three blades and two additional blades. An extra knife, only 2 mm thick, is provided for fine angel hair and a second knife for cutting curly fries. The robust and reinforced stainless steel knives are manufactured with advanced Japanese technology. The rest of the housing is made of durable, bacteria-free ABS plastic, which is reinforced for optimum strength. You don’t have to worry about breaking the pen. The Spiralizer is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

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The package includes an e-reception book and a full-color printed user manual with full instructions for assembling and using the Spiralizer. You can cut and spiral-wrap all kinds of fruit and vegetables with it, including cabbage, potatoes, sweet potatoes, trousers, turnips, beets, onions, apples and much more.

SpiraLife Vegetable LifeSpiralizer and Original Disc

The original SpiraLife vegetable spiral and cutter allows you to spiral and slice more vegetables than you can imagine, thanks to the improved lid. It works with hard and soft fruits and vegetables, and the design ensures minimal losses.

Original SpiraLife Vegetable spiral machine comes with two blades – one for making artificial spaghetti and the other for making long, wide strips. This manual spiral shaper is easy to clean and also comes with a brush to make work easier. Otherwise you can just wash it in the dishwasher. As a bonus you will receive a hand cutter, a storage bag, five instructions and a video with recipes.


If you’re looking for a powerful portable scroll, the seven best are the ones you need. Take a look at this spiral and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. You can be sure that you will not be disappointed by the investment. Spirals are a great way to get a healthy meal without too much effort.



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